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Core Components

MyBEPS is the direct result of well-known market demands and user requirements and tax provision, price & profitability, business objectives, and shareholder value.


Intercompany Map

  • Intercompany (IC) value flows
    See what happens in your multinational entity during the year.

  • Flexible analyze inbound and outbound IC partners 
    Gain a deeper understanding of the entity’s IC business partner for each type of transaction.

  • Filter and zoom in/out on any map element
    Quickly start a deep-dive analysis on IC traded volumes and re-group across all dimensions.

  • Highlight any IC black boxes
    Select periods, entities, transaction groups, and businesses to gain valuable insight into IC business.

Management Dashboard

  • Everything at a glance
    Identify where your multinational entity stands today and what might happen towards the year-end.

  • Identify what needs attention
    Sort and filter by transaction where tested entities are out of range.

  • Monitor the impact of updates
    Take control and monitor the extent to which actions lead to the desired result.

  • Focus on what’s important
    Gain an overview of countries affected by deviations and start mitigating local tax risks.

pantalla 2.png
pantalla 2.png

Multidimensional Profitability Analysis

  • Unique profitability insights
    Select an entity and discover what year-to-date profits or losses are resulting from IC business.

  • Inbound, outbound, or both 
    Flexible monitor profits from inbound & outbound IC transactions, including IC partner information.

  • Key traceability engine
    Configure and automatically run the inbuilt OPEX/SGA traceability engine and apply any key of your choice.

  • Profit Level Indicators by transaction type, function, and method
    Continuously monitor arm’s length margins in the segmentation you need to ensure correct remuneration.

SKU Margin Analysis

  • Powerful analytics on a material level
    Deep dive and discover the root causes for TP deviations on a material level.

  • Portfolio changes
    Learn more about the sales portfolio or cost changes and accurately update any individual prices that need to be changed.

  • Top sellers and slow movers
    Understand the significant IC volume drivers and impact on the overall transaction group results.

  • Balance margins within the transaction basket
    Avoid any IC price dumping or massive price changes that may result in a loss of control over results.

pantalla 2.png
pantalla 2.png

Transaction Matrix

  • Global and local matrix
    Display an IC transaction matrix with inbound and outbound transaction volumes from a group or local perspective.

  • Trade volume and results
    View the amount a particular multinational entity charged another group entity and vice versa.

  • Year-to-date and year-end
    Gain an early understanding of IC business volumes and drill down into further details.

  • Transfer Pricing documentation feed
    Extract transaction matrix data into any local files for consistent and efficient Transfer Pricing documentation preparation.

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